The NEW Latina: Identity, Ideas & Influence

From consumer to producer of her own ideas, her own mindset, her own relationship with brands, the new Latina trusts the media, bloggers, social influencers and organizations that are reflecting her power, identity and influence. Here’s a snapshot of who they are!

LEGACY MEDIA: Outlets such as UnivisionTelemundoPeople en Español, and Latina are part of the Hispanic market’s legacy media, media that has built a loyal following and a high level of trust over the years – much like The New York Times in the general market. Their news departments are in charge of informing, educating and empowering the Latina consumer on a local and national level and, with the dawn of the new media, are still very visible and highly trusted.

NEW MEDIA: Bilingual Latinos are a force to be reckoned and are one of the main reasons for the explosion in English-language media targeting Latinos such as Mitú, Fox News Latino, Popsugar Latina, Flama and HuffPost Latino Voices. With excellent journalistic and production quality they have quickly become a trusted source for the bilingual, bicultural Latina consumer.

LATINA BLOGGERS: Leading media outlets have created blogs and so have citizen journalists. One of the most powerful and influential forces is the Latina blogger community, who is influencing and empowering women – Latina and non-Latina – nationwide. Latina blogs like Ahorros Para Mama, Living Mi Vida Loca, and Mama Latina Tips are staple of the Latina’s daily insights and groups like Latina Bloggers Connect embrace a community that’s not afraid to speak up and be proud of their cultura!

CELEBRITIES: They make us laugh, cry, sit at the edge of our seat and, most importantly, they inspire us. Latinas have always had a strong bond with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, and new comers like Gina Rodriguez have been able to inspire and influence young bicultural, bilingual Latinas. In addition, successful leaders such as the first Latina Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor and Latina business mogul Nely Galan serve as role models who encourage Latinas to pursue careers as leaders.

VINERS & YOUTUBERS: Do it for the Vine! Social media influencers such as Lele Pons, Dulce Candy, and Bethany Mota have changed the way Latinas consume online content and often can be as influential as celebrities due to the personalized nature of their content and platform. Social media content creators are a must-have in a brand’s arsenal for reaching the Latina!

ORGANIZATIONS: Through the powers of social media and collaboration efforts, organizations such as the Girls, Inc. and the National Latina Business Women Association support, empower and amplify the voices of Latinas across the nation. Brands benefit from partnering and working with these organizations by being part of the conversation and embracing the causes they stand for.

Influencers, channels of trust – it’s not only the press – it’s legacy media, bloggers, new media, celebrities, and social media influencers who your consumer trusts.

Is your brand reaching out to these NEW LATINA Influencers?

The New Latina Infographic


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