The Latina Millennial Mindset, written by a Latina Millennial

Before we begin, let’s start with this.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 4.17.03 PM

That’s right. We’re human beings just like you, but we are a bit different.

Ken Wheaton wrote in AdWeek this month that marketers came up with the term. Sneaky, sneaky aren’t we?

gif-tina fey-confused

But here’s the truth: It doesn’t matter who created it. What’s important to brands now is that millions across the world identify with it.

That brings us to Latina Millennials. We know we’ve got the power.

nicole richie hair flip 2

In fact, we hold the majority of the 1 trillion in Hispanic purchasing power in our hands. (Make it rainnnnn.)

leo throwing money

But no, we’re not just throwing away our money. We’re spending our money on the brands that reflect who we are — our unique passions and our interests. And our interests range from soccer and salsa music to politics and technology.

So please, don’t stereotype us. We’re not all curvy, sassy, spicy, caliente.

We are multifaceted. We rock careers and make time for family and friends. We manage our bank accounts while keeping up with the latest trends. Bey may not be Latina but she’s got the idea:

who run the world gif

And while we run the world, we’re proud of nuestra cultura. (Here’s a little throwback to the real queen.)

selena gif

So here’s what we have to say to brands: 

Give us content that speaks to us. (And no it doesn’t have to be in Spanish). We want funny but relevant.

Remind us of our roots. Take us back to the nostalgia of growing up with abuela or trying on our mom’s favorite tacones as a kid.

Recognize that we — as Latinas, as Millennials and as Latina Millennials — are important. We have a voice.

lena dunham-voice

Show us we’re not just you’re marketing ploy. And we’ll be yours forever. 

merryl streep gif

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