Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month a la Boden

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month our team shares what being Hispanic means to them. Some of us spoke about traditions and our abuelitos, while others celebrated their passion for fútbol and the power of Celia Cruz’s legacy. 

While we come from diverse backgrounds, we have one thing in common – we are proud of our Hispanic heritage. As one team, we celebrate all the Latinos who have stepped forward and paved the way for our generation.

Without further ado, meet the BodenPR familia and join us in celebrating our vibrant cultura.

Saludos from all of us!

“I’m proud to be Hispana. I was lucky enough to be brought up by an English Dad — “It’s aeroplane, not airplane, Natalie!” — and a Honduran mother. I had great role models in my parents. The U.S. has given me so many opportunities — from the agency who gave me my first work visa, to the client that first believed in our work. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for those companies and the people leading them. I think today being a Hispanic woman in the U.S. gives us more opportunities than ever before. It’s important to continue to be role models for those that are younger than us, man or woman, and help them continue to reach their dreams.” – Natalie Boden, Honduran

“Being Hispanic means enjoying and keeping alive my family’s Venezuelan culture and traditions. I’m married to a Brazilian, who also cherishes his family’s culture and traditions; our lives portray a beautiful mix of our heritages. As a mom, I want my son to grow up being proud of his roots – loving our food, speaking Spanish and Portuguese, cheering for his dad’s soccer team (because mine needs a bit more practice), singing and dancing our songs, and appreciating the blessings of being American, Venezuelan and Brazilian. It will be an exciting journey!” – Valerie Jaimes Barbosa, Venezuelan American

“Being Hispanic is a lifetime of traditions and preserving those traditions as one would with their most prized possession. I have an array of black and white photos of my parents and grandparents in Cuba hung around my home. When I glance at the photos it reminds that my grandparents chose to immigrate to the U.S. not just to give their children a better life, but their grandchildren too. They made dreaming possible for me.” – Lauren Gongora, Cuban American

“Being Hispanic is who I am. It’s the first, most important part of my identity. It’s being able to seamlessly live in this bicultural space. I come from a family with strong women that have influenced me a great deal in my life. I want my honor my abuelas legacy by passing down my language and culture to my children.” – Natalie Asorey, Cuban American

“I am inspired by so many Latinas who have paved the way and opened doors so that I can have the opportunities I am fortunate enough to have. I am most inspired by my mother. Although she never went to college nor had what one would consider a ‘profession’ she has always shown by example that you can achieve anything with hard work and determination.” – Janet Careaga, Cuban American


Ser latinos significa vivir con optimismo. Es enfrentar las situaciones más difíciles, emigrar a otro país, estar lejos de los suyos y mantener la esperanza. Los latinos a pesar de todo, siempre seguimos bailando. Por eso mi frase favorita es ‘sí se puede’ de César Chávez.” – Tatiana Oviedo, Peruvian American


“Hispanic means, family, food, celebration and passion. One nostalgic memory from my childhood that reminds me of Hispanic culture was the Ferris wheel from the show “Villa Alegre.” My Sicilian grandmother did not speak English well so when she baby sat me she would put on this show so she would be able to understand what I was watching since Sicilian and the Spanish language have some similarities.” – Victoria Vaccaro, Sicilian American

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